Raman Sekhon

What is your name? Raman Sekhon

How old are you? 34

What do you do for work? I help run a nontoxic luxury makeup brand called SAINT

When did your health and wellness journey begin? I was fortunate to be one of those kids whom was naturally talented at playing sports. While staying active continued to come naturally to me, my wellness journey began roughly 10 years ago when I truly started to educate myself on superfoods, which has been an ongoing, ever-evolving, an experimental process and investment in health ever since.

What made you want to work with Lindsey? I reached out to Lindsey to initially help me fine tune my macros, learn how to replenish my body pre and post workouts, and ultimately learn how to eat according to personal fitness goals. Although my inspiration to reach out started out in vain, what I’ve gained since working with her has helped me uncover deep self-sabotaging behaviours I was unaware of.

What are your top three health goals/priorities? My wellness and fitness goals are superficial, preventative and overall energy.

What do you love most about your nutrition program? What I love most is Lindsey has taught me how to program my own food inside My Fitness Pal to ensure I hit my daily macros. I continue to eat the food I love while streamlining when I consume it. For example, I don’t have the time or patience to eat 6 times I day so I consumer all my calories within 3 meals. She’s helped me save hours in trying to figure out what to eat, how much and when.

What are your biggest challenges? Working in a start-up environment is intense. My schedule is unpredictable as my days which means I was finding myself reaching for comfort food more than I had realized just to gain some sort of control over my days. I was eating healthy food; however, I wasn’t measuring quantity. As a result, cravings were out of control and alcohol consumption gradually increased especially while travelling; zipping in and out of cities in various time zones, although I was working out, I was starting to lose control over the most important aspect to reach my goals: diet.

How do you work to overcome them? Hired Lindsey, duh. In all seriousness, I found her at the perfect time as hiring a nutritionist was on my radar at that time we connected. It’s taken some trial and error over the course of working with her and putting into practice all I was learning – especially during travel. I learned the need for control was truly coming from punishing myself for indulging in the first place – a double edged sword.

How do you stay committed to your goals? As cheesy as it may sound, I stay committed to my goals because I know I have someone to check-in with each week. Lindsey knows I loathe scales. In fact, I think I’ve jumped on one twice since we’ve started working together. I truly don’t give into the number on scale, psychologically, for me, it would do more harm than good. Surrendering to the process and embracing the rare times now I do indulge have completely shifted how my body is transforming. Ironic, isn’t it? Let go and trust.

If you get off track, how do you feel and what do you do? If I get off track, I don’t mentally punish myself as much as I used to. Boy, I was brutal to myself. Now when I want that glass of wine, I enjoy it. Cake? Devour that, too. A tool that is working great for me here is I try my best to a) plan my cheat meal/evening and b) fast the following day by skipping breakfast. When I travel, I’ve started to skip breakfast altogether simply because dinners are usually overly indulgent.

What did you find most surprising about your experience in the program/working with Lindsey? She’s flexible, understanding and a great listener. I’m an uber type-A personality. She knows to let me test the process, yet be firm and to-the-point when I need a strong adjustment. I also keep her in the loop with ‘plans’ to try new things on a whim. She firmly tells me that’s not a good idea and why. This is HUGE for me as I easily jumped from trying fads and eventually feeling lost once the novelty of those new promises wore off. Sticking to a program – my macros – has helped me stay on course. I’m finding I’m not getting distracted to try new things as eagerly as I once was.

What is one thing that you learned in this experience in the program/working with Lindsey that you wish you knew before? Eat carbs.

If there was one piece of advice you could give to someone wanting to start a weight loss/wellness journey, what would it be? This process will inevitably uncover real underlying issues, sabotaging behaviours, measure of self-love and self-worth. In order for aesthetic results to stick long-term, a journey within is required. Lindsey is rare as she has a fantastic read on personalities. Knowing this, she uses her knowledge and skillset to work with you. If you’re willing to show up half way, you can bet this girl is taking you to the finish line!