Cleo Ellis

What is your name? Cleo

How old are you? 31

What do you do for work? I’m self employed. I co-own LUXELIFE SOUND and I am also a Communications Consultant with my own company called Cleo Ellis Communications — what that means in English is that I’m someone who makes shit happen.

When did your health and wellness journey begin? I think it began when I decided to quit smoking in 2011 (or 2012?). I felt so gross and I didn’t want to do this to my body anymore, so I took Champix and quit. I definitely had a 6 month stint or two where I started smoking again, but I’ve been solidly quit for several years. Then in late 2016 I decided it was time to get my weight under control and my overall health back on track, so I started back training in TaeKwonDo a few days a week — I used to train when I was a youth. Then in mid 2017, I started to get really serious and worked with Lindsey and Lonie from Eat Train Live.

What made you want to work with Lindsey? Lonie did 🙂 She and Lindsey have been working together for sometime and she put me on her meal delivery program and Lindsey was (and still is) her go-to nutritionist.

What are your top three health goals/priorities?

  1. To be strong
  2. To create a space where my beautiful body will carry me through the rest of my life with relative ease
  3. To continue loving my body as it is, while continuing to try and improve it

What do you love most about your nutrition program? For sure the flexibility of it. I do not work well with deprivation of any kind, and something I would not yield on was my ability to continue to enjoy my life and eat food that I loved. Lindsey allowed me to do that — you can read more about that here.

What are your biggest challenges? Right now I’m struggling to get myself back on the program because I’ve been a degenerate eater all summer (and now fall) — I’m just feeling overwhelmed in my life in general and one of my habits when I am overwhelmed is letting my eating get away from me. I know for sure this is something that falls under “things I need to work on”.

How do you work to overcome them? I try and be kind to myself. Every day is a new day and if I have an off day or week, I just start again the next day and keep it pushin. Being mean to yourself is wasted energy — you have to live with you, so be nice.

How do you stay committed to your goals? I actually don’t have goals. I’m a process obsessed person, so I immerse myself in the process of everything I do, and because of that, I always end up hitting the “goal” as a consequence of doing the work. My primary focus is always on the learning process when I am working towards something. For instance, with my weight loss: my goal wasn’t to hit XX number on the scale. My goal was to be strong, happy and healthy — which I am.

If you get off track, how do you feel, and what do you do? Answers above in the question about challenges 🙂

What did you find most surprising about your experience in the program/working with Lindsey? First of all, Lindsey is my kind of people. She’s an all around dope human being with a soul that is kind and magical — and she’s funny AF. I ended up making an actual friend from this; a lifelong friend. The other thing that surprised me about the program was that I could eat pizza, pasta and drink wine and still live my best life (and trust me, I did just that).

What is one thing that you learned in this experience in the program/working with Lindsey that you wish you knew before? That I don’t need to eat 1200 calories a day to lose weight and that I don’t need to deprive myself of a single thing I love to lose weight.

If there was one piece of advice you could give to someone wanting to start a weight loss/wellness journey, what would it be? YOU DON’T NEED TO STOP EATING FOODS YOU LOVE TO LOSE WEIGHT. Take every single bullshit thing you’ve been told about dieting and throw it out the MF window — come to this with an open heart and I promise you, this will change your life.