About TNC

What’s up?!

IMG_1286Welcome to The Nourish Company! I’m Lindsey and I’m the owner. I’m also a Fitness Nutritionist, a Mom, a loving Partner, a caring Daughter, a loyal Friend and a Recipe McGyver amongst so many other things, which like, you keeps me busy AF most days.

Which is exactly why I work with busy, badass Moms who are trying to eat better and lose weight but don’t what to do and how to find the time to do it – because I feel you, girl!

I help them reengineer their diets, transform their eating habits, and feel confident and in control of their health and nutrition – no matter what life throws at them!

What I don’t do, is meal plans, structure or restriction. What I do, is invite you to do something radically different for yourself.

My passion for educating and empowering women when it comes to their health and nutrition has spanned four years and over 100 clients.

I’ve helped Moms fit back into their pre-baby jeans.

I’ve replaced countless hours in the kitchen with personal and family time.

I’ve taught women how to lose their weight while eating the foods they love.

I’ve helped clients reach their desired weight-loss goals, and maintain them – for years.

I know first hand the emotional, mental and physical challenges of postpartum weight-loss. I understand the balancing act of being a mom, being a partner, having a career, all while trying to eat well and achieve your health goals.

All of this has given me the expertise and real-life tools to help you improve your nutrition and lose your baby weight, so that you can feel incredible in your own skin and at peace with food, for the rest of your life.

When I’m not working with the greatest women in the world, I’m hosting nutrition workshops, talking on podcasts, or doing health and wellness talks with local partners, I can usually be found exploring the streets of Toronto with my partner, Markus and our daughter, Madison (aka Maddie/Bubs), going to swimming and music classes, riding my bike, attempting to macrame, reading or in the kitchen cooking up skill-testing recipes.

Want to know more? Here are a handful of fun and interesting facts that you don’t know about me:

  1. I have a background in Sociology and Public Relations and had a 10-year long career in PR before I feel in love with nutrition coaching and jumped ship.
  2. I was overweight my entire life. At my heaviest, I was 200 lbs.
  3. I love take painting and macrame courses in my spare time. I am not crafty but love pretending to be.
  4. I am a master manifester… ask me what I’ve manifested and how and I’ll teach you my ways. ūüôā
  5. My dream is to move to France and test the theory that French women really don’t get fat.

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Our Vision

To teach others to live their healthiest lives, on their terms.

Our Mission

To inspire you to do something radically different for yourself.

Our Values

Listen, and then listen more.                                  Choose positivity.

Default to honesty and transparency.                   Trust in the process.

Respect above all else.                                              Communicate with clarity.

Live smarter, not harder.                                        Gratitude in everything.

Operate without ego.                                                Growth and transformation, every day.

Better decisions, based on knowledge.                 Unrivalled client care.