You know the feeling, mumma. 

You finish tidying up after dinner, get the kids cleaned up and put to bed (finally) and juuuust when you are about to find that cozy spot on the couch, you remember: lunches. Crap.

Not only do you need to get the lunches together before bedtime, but you also want to make sure they are at least remotely healthy AND of course, allergen free. Ugh. 

I know the feeling all too well, ladies. Here are my top 4 tips to make your life and lunches much easier. 


  • Pre-chop Everything 


I mean this quite literally. When you get home from the grocery store, take all the produce and veg that you bought for lunches and set aside twenty minutes. Wash, peel, and cut up everything that you can in advance. You can store them in glass tupperware in the fridge for quick access when you are packing lunches in a hurry. The great part about the glass is that you can see exactly what you have left to work with and if your kids are getting their own snacks by now, they can see too. 


  • Make Double at Dinner


When you are already making an allergen-safe meal for dinner, do yourself a favor and make extra! There is no better way to simplify lunch prep than using dinner. This tip is particularly handy in the winter, ie. slow cooker season. Invest in a good child sized thermos that you can pack with a nutrient rich chilli or squash soup!


  • Food Combinations


If you have been following my blogs for some time know, you have likely heard me talk about food combinations. It is a great go-to method for making sure your kiddos will have all the right nutrients to keep them full and with loads of energy to help their growing brains all-day. What this means is including loads of vegetables, protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats.


  • Get the kids involved


It will not only make your life easier, but studies have shown that by including kids in the lunch and meal making process, increases the likelihood that they’ll actually eat (and enjoy) what they’re given. Meaning your little Johnny won’t be tempted to trade your beautifully prepared chicken, avocado and tomato sandwich for Jason’s Lunchable pack. 

Let me know how these tips worked for you!