Carpool. Work. Pick-ups. Laundry. Grocery shopping. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget to try to find some time in there for #selfcare.

As a busy Mom I’m always on the go running from one thing to the next. Which meant that I was constantly feeling like I was at the mercy of fast food places and unhealthy options the moment that #hangry point would hit me.

I’d have to grab a bag of chips or a chocolate bar and in no time my blood sugar would crash from all the sugar and I’d end up feeling worst off than I started. Soon enough I realized that my poor planning was costing me my health goals. It was then I realized that I needed to arm myself with more protein-packed, balanced snacks to help keep me fuelled and feeling amazing, no matter what the day threw at me.

So if you’re anything like me and are a busy Mom that doesn’t have a lot of time, but still want to make better choices to support your health goals while you’re on-the-go – then this is for you! Here are my Top 5 Protein-packed Snacks that are nutritious, made with quality ingredients and will help you stay on track even on your busiest of days!

SNACK 1: Protein Bars

Protein bars are an amazing snack to have on the go as they can often pack at least 10-15g of protein which will keep you feeling fuller, longer. There are so many options though – how do you know how to pick the best protein bar? Easy!

Start by first looking at the calories. If you’re having a protein bar as a snack, look for a bar that’s between 150-250 calories (any more than that and you’re heading into meal replacement territory). Second, look at the ingredients! Make sure you can recognize them so that you know your bar is made with whole food options and isn’t packed with fillers, etc. Lastly, compare the protein content. Many bars are actually ‘energy’ bars and not ‘protein’ bars, meaning that they’re made up of more carbohydrates than protein, so will provide you with energy, but may not keep you feeling as full for as long. Start by looking for bars that are at least 10g of protein for a satisfying, protein filled snack.

SNACK 2: Whole Food Bars

Another great on-the-go option are Whole Food Bars. These bars offer delicious blend of whole foods with unsweetened fruits, nuts, and spices. They have minimal ingredients, are minimally processed, and are as close to their natural state as possible. Unlike protein bars, whole food bars don’t typically have as much protein however they still offer a great, balanced snack on the go with healthy fats, good carbohydrates and sources of protein, that you can feel good about.

SNACK 3: Vegan Jerky Strips

If you prefer salty to sweet snacking options than jerky is where it’s at for a great protein snack! I especially love vegan jerky strips! They’re a great source of vegan protein, low in calories and fat, gluten-free and can pack in as much as 10g of protein per serving! Not to mention, like bars, they’re individually wrapped so you can take them with you on-the-go easily! 

SNACK 4: Protein powder

Protein powder is a great, portable snack that you can make instantly and will keep you feeling full until your next meal. You can pack it in a shaker cup and add water whenever you’re ready to drink it or buy individual packs and keep them in your purse so you have a snack option. Alternatively, you can also grab meal replacement shakes which will have more carbs and fat and less protein. Like bars, it’s also important to consider the calories if it’s a snack and aim for shakes that are 150-250 calories per serving. 

SNACK 5: Protein chips

Protein chips are another great protein-packed snack for the savoury/salty snacker. They’re great to have on-the-go and can also be used as toppers for salads to boost your protein intake if you’re eating out. They’re also low calorie and many are made with vegan protein so you can snack away confidently, knowing you’re giving your body (and the environment) what it needs!

For more great quality health snacks that are perfect for busy Moms on the go visit Health Planet Canada!

With love and nut butter,

Lindsey xo