In the prime of my dieting years, I can remember timing my diets for a variety of reasons: holidays, vacations, finances, timing of the year, etc,. It was like trying to play Tetris with my weight loss goals… ‘Where can I make this fit?’

I would give myself only a few short weeks to lose a significant amount of weight. I’d have a limited budget believing that I shouldn’t have to pay a lot to lose it. I’d plan to incorporate new healthy habits, but only for a specific time-frame and only if I saw results.

There was never a ‘good’ time to start a diet, which meant that results were minimal at best, and fleeting.

Sadly, for most of us, our goals and dreams always take a back seat in our lives. We’re constantly waiting for the ‘perfect conditions’ to arrive in order for us to achieve them. We need more money, more time, more resources, more support. The truth is that there will never be enough money and there will never be a good time. And so instead, we spend our lives waiting for these conditions to fall in line, while we live a life that’s unfulfilling and doesn’t bring us joy.

This is ironic because in other areas of our life, we will make time, spend money, and find resources for the ‘quick fixes’ that bring us momentary joy – yet, we won’t do it for the big ones. Have you ever gone out and saw an amazing deal on a flat screen TV and just put it on your credit card? Have you ever been so overwhelmed at work that you suddenly book a weekend away or a last-minute vacation? Have you ever had a rough week so you treated yourself to a few hours of mindless shopping and maybe a mani-pedi on the weekend? Or stay up late to watch a season finale of a favourite show?

We will find the money, time, resources, and support for the things that momentarily fill us up and bring us joy. Yet, when it comes to the bigger investments of our health and happiness – we simply ‘don’t have enough’ to pursue them.

I’m here to tell you that you do. You have the ability to change your life THIS moment, to create lasting happiness, long-term results, and built a life of your dreams.

I spent years with this lacking mentality. Years not investing in myself or my goals. You know what I got? The same unfulfilling life I had been living, except with one big difference. With each passing year, things got worse – the problem became bigger and I went deeper down my rabbit hole, more unable and unwilling to dig myself out.

Finally, one day, I had had enough and I finally realized that the best time to change my life was in that moment. I made the investment. Without having the time, without having the money, and not knowing how I was going to make it work.


Four month transformation, 30 lbs lost.

I spent $1000 a month on a personal trainer and health coach. I maxed out my credit card. I made time to meal prep. I gave up old habits that didn’t serve me. I stopped the bandaid solutions. I made my dreams come true.¬†Four years later, I can tell you that the credit card is paid off, the habits are still in place, and my goals maintained.

Since then, I’ve gone on to invest in myself further, with even more money, less time, and less resources, and support. Each time, with even more of a return on my investment. Each time, continuing to build the life of my dreams.

The truth is that there is never going to be a good time to start. There’s always going to be things that get in the way. That’s the thing about going after your dreams – they’re worth the sacrifice. In order to have massive transformation, you have to be willing to take massive action. Massive action means taking the leap, going all in; no Plan B.

If you’ve been on the fence about pursuing something and everything inside you tells you that it’s not the ‘right time’, you don’t have ‘enough money’, or you need ‘more support’ in order to get it… know that Step #1 to achieving your goals, is to learn how to push through that negative self talk and move to the other side. The alternative will keep you stuck where you are. Let’s be honest, would you have gotten this far in this post if you didn’t know that deep down inside you wanted more for yourself and that you deserved it?

I don’t think so.

You’ve got one shot at this life. Change it today. Your future self will thank you.

With love and nut butter,

Lindsey Xx