Carbs are bad.

Sugar is bad.

Gluten is bad.

Dairy is bad.

Eating after 7 is bad.

Eating breakfast is bad.

Eating three meals a day is bad.

Eating five meals a day is bad.

No wonder so many of us have no idea what to eat any more! If we listened to everything that the weight loss industry told us, most of us would be living off lettuce. Oh and don’t forget about the expensive supplements – those are all ‘good’. Fat burners, pre-workout powders and appetite suppressants – yeah those are great. But bread… yeah… bread’s bad!

The weight loss industry’s intent to overwhelm and confuse us serves a purpose. This $50B industry thrives because they believe that we’re naive, vulnerable and searching for answers. We have big dreams of losing weight. They have big ‘solutions’.

With some of the best marketing in the world, it’s no wonder we continue to try everything in the hope of something working. Then, after countless failures, right before we’re about to give up, they dish out a new fad that ‘guarantees results’ and convinces us that ‘this time it’s going to work’.

The only problem is, in order to keep that $50B industry growing, those solutions… well… they can’t actually work. Otherwise, how could they continue to make money? After all, if we were all fit, healthy, happy people – there wouldn’t be a weight loss industry!

So how can you lose weight if the industry with all the ‘answers’ is banking on your failure?

The truth is, that to see the results that you want, you have to break free of the diet industry altogether, and stop… dieting. Ironically, it’s ‘dieting’ that’s actually keeping the weight on (and causing you to even gain weight). The constant calorie fluctuations, the extreme restrictions, the pills and potions do nothing but damage your metabolism, slow it down, and make it even harder for you to lose weight. This is the main reason why, even when you do follow a diet and lose weight, you’re likely to put everything back on (and then some). Long-term exposure to diets with restrictions and extreme calorie reductions cause your body to go into a fat storage mode. It will hold on to everything possible to survive, not knowing when it will be replenished again.

As someone who’s fallen victim to the pills, plans and potions time and time again, I can tell you first hand – they don’t work and they never will. To lose weight effectively, you have to adopt a healthy lifestyle that works for you and can be maintained.  You have to put in the work to figure out what’s going to work long-term for you.

And here’s the other thing that the weight loss industry doesn’t want you to know – the work you need to do isn’t as hard as they make it seem. You don’t actually need to give up your favourite foods. You don’t need to do hours of cardio. You don’t need to ban carbs from your life. You don’t need to take ‘fat burners’. You can have it all and achieve your goals. It really is THAT simple.

Which is why I’m on a mission to show busy Moms what they’ve been doing wrong, and more importantly, what they can finally do right, to get the weight off – and keep it off!

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