I used to think that in order to lose weight, you’d have to spend hours in the kitchen meal prepping. Every Sunday I would spend the entire day prepping, steaming, roasting and pre-packaging all my food. As I cooked, I would resent the fact that an entire day of my weekend – MY FREE TIME – had to be given up to the kitchen of all things! And if I didn’t cook, and decided to spend the day with my family or friends, my entire week would be thrown off and my diet would go down the drain.

I felt handcuffed. I felt stuck. I felt like a failure. Perhaps you’ve felt this way before? I know I sure did and it made it impossible to stick to any diet.

Life would would happen. Plans would be made. Things would come up. And there would go my Sunday prep-day and my diet for the week! But yet other people were doing it – so what was wrong with me? There had to be a solution!

So I went on a mission. To find a diet that worked not only for me, but for my lifestyle. And when I finally found it, everything changed. No more restrictive meal plans. No more hours in the kitchen. I had finally learned to eat in a way that was flexible for my lifestyle while helping me achieve my goals. When I knew what to eat, I didn’t need to rely on someone else’s meal plan to tell me. I was able to make my own food, on my time, and without spending hours doing it. That was a diet I could stick to!

So if you’re anything like I was and are feeling trapped by your diet, come and hangout with my in my FREE Facebook group, The Nourished Life. It’s an amazing community of Busy Moms who are all on a journey to improve their health, balance their diets and stay out of the kitchen!

See you there!

With love and nut butter,

Lindsey Xx