It’s 7pm. I’m just getting home. My day? Don’t even get me started. I’ve been running around all day. Consultations. Appointments. Drop off and pick ups. Maddie is sick and needs to be bathed, fed and put to bed. Markus is working late and won’t be home for another two hours.
I muster the last of my energy for a quick splash in the tub, two stories, a bottle, and cuddle for my Bubs. I come downstairs to the kitchen…
You finish this story…
Dive head first into Markus’ bag of ketchup chips?
Pound back a bowl Cinnamon Toast Crunch?
Pour myself a massive glass of wine?
Finish off with a few spoonfuls of ice cream?
Of course! Why? Because when you’re crushed at the end of a long day, willpower is nowhere to be found. You couldn’t find that thing if it was dancing naked on your kitchen counter.
So what is the solution since for so many of us, this is OUR REALITY. The truth is that habits are what make the difference. Because at the end of a long day – that is what is going to stop you from… yourself.
Habits are effective because they allow your brain to go on autopilot. And an autopilot brain at the end of a long day is all you’ve got. You don’t want to stand in front of your fridge trying to figure out what to eat – you just want food – in your belly – immediately.
Healthy habits, like having healthy options at your finger tips, make it possible to stay on track with even the most willpower-testing situations.
Because here’s what actually happened when I got to the kitchen. I went to the fridge, opened it up and saw a pre-cooked chicken that I picked up from Rowe Farms down the street, some cooked quinoa with sautéed mushrooms that I made a big batch of two days prior, and some roasted broccoli.
No. Brainer. There’s dinner.
I didn’t have to think. I didn’t have to make choices. It was right there in front of me, because of my healthy habits.
So if you’re caught in a cycle that’s no serving you – like long days, late nights, a stressful month, a difficult time, etc. help you help yourself and put some healthy habits in place to help carry you through when your willpower is tested.
Because lesssss be honest…. willpower doesn’t mean sh*t after a long day… amiright?!